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Mushroom Kingdom Quest Gone?

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The mushroom kingdom quest is gone from the left side of the screen, also i check the quest log and there is nothing that says Mushroom Kingdom.
Is there anyway to re-do the quest or is it a glitch?
Posted: December 2012 Permalink


same problem here..
anyone found a answer to this ?
Dec 06 2012
it sucks cause i actually want the glove and the title O_O
Dec 06 2012
lego6245 Level 78 Bera Mercedes 3
Storyline quests are easy mode to level 70. My god, it's wonderful. No fighting over training spots.
Dec 06 2012
@lego6245 Where/How do you get the questline on your Luminous?
Dec 07 2012
Davyn Level 208 Broa Night Lord Abyssel Guild
@bdsm: It starts from the beginning when you make your Luminous. It's extremely linear. Check your quest log on what to do next.
Dec 07 2012

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