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Mercedes Post-Tempest Skill Build?

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Dec 06 12
Chaos Mihile 3
Hey Everyone,

I recently decided to return to my old mercedes I made a while ago, and I couldn't find any recent post-tempest skill builds. Does anyone know where a good guide is for Mercs?

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Dec 07 12
Bellocan Mercedes 4
Same guide as before but with less mastery points. Only max the skills needed for higher level skills and important buffs. After 4th job you max everything since we get more than enough SP now.
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Dec 07 12*
Khaini Wind Archer 4
1st Job: you get enough points to max everything. Get a point of your mobbing attack and then max Glide Blast for the mobility. Max whatever after that

2nd Job: get a point of Piercing Storm. Then get a point of Rising Rush so you can rush, and proceed to max what looks good. Spirit Surge would be best. Don't max Parting Shot, it's awful and you definitely wont use it 3rd job and you might not even use it 2nd job.

3rd Job: Get a point of everything just to have the attacks. Then max either Ignis for more damage or Water Shield if your damage is fine. Then max whatever attack you're using to train, which could be Stunning Strikes or Leap Tornado or Aerial Barrage. Put points into Gust Dive last, it's only a utility skill. Aerial Barrage becomes 100% useless in 4th job, but it gives a passive boost to Rising Rush and caps at 5 anyways.

4th Job: At level 180 ish you'll have enough SP to max everything. Get a point of all the 4th job attacks just to have them, then max Ancient Warding and Bowgun Expert. AW first is better, but it really comes down to whatever book is available. AFA or Defense Break comes next, whatever you have the books for. Then Ishtar's Ring, Rolling Moonsault, or MW, in whatever order you choose. Spikes Royale isn't a high priority but it's nice to have. Lightning Edge is utter trash, don't even bother.
Dec 16 12
Scania Night Lord
What about hyper skills?
Dec 16 12
DemethosGMS Evan 10th Growth
Nothing changes in skill build other than some skills having their maxed level decreased. You still leave piercing storm and gust dive unmaxed.
Dec 18 12
Windia Shadower
How is AP? STR less all the way?
Dec 18 12
Scania Bow Master
^ yeah strless cuz theres no more 2ndary stat (:
Dec 18 12
Windia Mercedes 4
solaris9145: 1st job - you max everything
2nd job - max everything but piercing storm or parting shot, your choice
3rd job - don't max gust dive
4th job - I believe you max all of this, but if not don't max MW i think

Pretty much this, except you get 60 leftover SP in 4th job. I mean I have 18 spare SP because +3 from leafre + empress set. I just need 20 more SP used in MW and 10 more for lightning edge.

Get warding, or DBGE. Also get moonsault pretty early since it deals 12% more damage each sp you put into it.
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