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Dec 09 12
Bera Priest
some1 selling 1.9b should i buy for my mage?
is it pot able ?
how did he get it?
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Dec 09 12
Windia Mechanic 3
he illegally got it. it shouldn't be out it.

don't buy it because chances are it will be deleted.
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Dec 09 12
Windia Hero
its worth zero
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Dec 09 12
Bera Shadower
I'm surprised you have enough to afford one, yet understand so little about the game to realize it's illegally produced.
Dec 09 12
Bera I/L Arch Mage
You might as well just give that 1.9b to me.
Dec 09 12
Chaos Bishop
Like everyone else said don't get it theres a 99% chance it will be deleted.
Dec 09 12
Bera Phantom 4
Don't get it as everyone else said. The boss that drops tyrant equips isn't even out yet...
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Dec 09 12
Windia Hayato 4
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Dec 09 12
Bera Xenon 4
Dec 09 12
Windia Kaiser 4
buy 4 of them.
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