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some1 selling 1.9b should i buy for my mage?
is it pot able ?
how did he get it?
Posted: December


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he illegally got it. it shouldn't be out it.

don't buy it because chances are it will be deleted.
fun2killufun2killu - Level 157 Night Lord
Dec 09 2012
its worth zero
AranmurderAranmurder - Level 53 Scania Aran 2
Dec 09 2012
I'm surprised you have enough to afford one, yet understand so little about the game to realize it's illegally produced.
Dec 09 2012
You might as well just give that 1.9b to me.
d4rkxStrIfeAboutbl4nk - Level 200 I/L Arch Mage
Dec 09 2012
Like everyone else said don't get it theres a 99% chance it will be deleted.
FatChinchillasimulate1 - Level 219 Bishop
Dec 09 2012
Don't get it as everyone else said. The boss that drops tyrant equips isn't even out yet...
Dec 09 2012
CroodlePortality606 - Level 160 Blade Recruit
Dec 09 2012
xDigiwave13ios - Level 180 Xenon 4
Dec 09 2012
buy 4 of them.
Jkidd7lncredulity - Level 162 Dark Knight
Dec 09 2012
People in SCANIA have it in their shops for 400M (buyable) and no one is buying. Based on that info, you should totally buy it. Derp.
nekkedFreqntFlyr - Level 146 Scania Night Lord
Dec 09 2012
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