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Dec 10 12
ElNido Luminous 4
Hi well i'm a lvl108 Luminous and u want to know how to enter to Neo City... at lvl 95 the quest showed at the botton of the screen so i went to Tera Forest and the NPC there well u know nothing no quest or something. So i read a guide and then it say to go to Magatia and talk with Han the Broker but the "Suspicious Wanderer" quest doesn't appear.

Well i would like to know what i have to do? I have that pocket watch thing and idk what to do tell me plz what did u guys did from lvl 95 to enter there or if u did from another way...
Dec 10 12
Scania Kaiser 4
Isn't Neo City 125+ now?
New MapleStory Screen: Tree decoration :d
Dec 10 12
Scania Mihile 4
^ it is
Dec 10 12
Windia Battle Mage 4
oh i thought 120+
Dec 11 12
Windia Aran 4
It clearly says "over lvl 105" in the quest list.... I am wondering what the hell is going on with all this for quite some time now.
Dec 11 12
Windia Bishop
neo city is actually 125+ now since the revamp of it. before the whole revamp, it was 105 or something like that.
just nexon being lazy or forgot about changing those info stuff before the change.
Dec 11 12
ElNido Luminous 4
so much time wasting and dcing problem because of that... well 2 more lvls to go ty al

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