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IcyBlue220 Level 189 Broa Mercedes 4
So there was hose harkers that used illegal things to get them but what I want to know is how you complete the event legit because its in the events tab in maplestory and it is called sharing is caring and it says you can donate equips to get a tempest letter and stuff. So I want to know how to finish this quest because the tyrant equips come out of the red box thingy.
Posted: December 2012 Permalink


IcyBlue220 Level 189 Broa Mercedes 4
You see the box, but you don't see the DATE.
Do you completely ignore what you just don't want to see?[/quote]

I see it says 12/8/12 to 12/22/12 right next to the sharing is caring event with that red box on it
Dec 13 2012
IcyBlue220 Level 189 Broa Mercedes 4
So no one has any idea.
Dec 13 2012

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