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Dec 14 12
So when I try to launch maplestory(I run it through Steam btw) this wierd error message pops up . I put in my password, and it pulls up the tab that says launching maplestory, but then a error titled "MapleStory.exe - No Disk" pops up. The pop up says the following, "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive E:.". Funny thing is, when I hit cancel, try again or continue it just pops up again. But after 4 of 5 clicks of any button it goes away and pulls up Maple. Any way to fix this?
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Dec 14 12
Try gamelauncher.
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Dec 14 12
Broa Shadower
Were you running the game off of a USB or a different hard-drive?
Dec 14 12
Bellocan Paladin
how do you play maple through steam...
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Dec 14 12*
soldier889 Huh, that actually worked without the error message, but now I want to know what the problem is out of curiosity.

stuffx3 Nope, running it straight off my computer.

lordpentt You download it .
Dec 14 12
Windia Xenon 4
lordpentt: how do you play maple through steam...

You can download maple through steam. When you launch through steam you can use the overlay to chat with steam friends.
Dec 14 12
Mardia Phantom 4
Many people encountered this after the Luminous patch, just wait a bit and Nexon might catch on. Doesn't stop you from playing so it's rather easy to ignore. More of an annoyance really.
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