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No Disk In the Drive?

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So when I try to launch maplestory(I run it through Steam btw) this wierd error message pops up . I put in my password, and it pulls up the tab that says launching maplestory, but then a error titled "MapleStory.exe - No Disk" pops up. The pop up says the following, "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive E:.". Funny thing is, when I hit cancel, try again or continue it just pops up again. But after 4 of 5 clicks of any button it goes away and pulls up Maple. Any way to fix this?
Posted: December 2012 Permalink


stuffx3 Level 169 Broa Shadower
Were you running the game off of a USB or a different hard-drive?
Dec 14 2012
@soldier889 Huh, that actually worked without the error message, but now I want to know what the problem is out of curiosity.

@stuffx3 Nope, running it straight off my computer.

@lordpentt You download it .
Dec 14 2012
DProdigal Level 131 Windia Xenon 4
how do you play maple through steam... [/quote]

You can download maple through steam. When you launch through steam you can use the overlay to chat with steam friends.
Dec 14 2012
Arion Level 187 Mardia Phantom 4
Many people encountered this after the Luminous patch, just wait a bit and Nexon might catch on. Doesn't stop you from playing so it's rather easy to ignore. More of an annoyance really.
Dec 14 2012

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