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Haiku 2 for Hidden-Street

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and now people know that theres a prize to win if the can answer them, ^^^^^^^^^
Dec 18 2012
Ludibrium- toy Legos, castles, teddy bears, bunnies, total cuteness everywhere.
Dec 18 2012
Ludi floats?[/quote]

Yes, it "floats" in the sky, although it is supported by the two towers: Eos and Helios.
Dec 18 2012
potspans123 Level 143 Broa Buccaneer
rats, i said orbis. i didnt know ludi was floating. orbis is the one with clouds
Dec 18 2012
pinksinsftw Level 177 Bera Night Lord
Ludi isn't really floating if it's supported by two huge towers called Eos and Helios towers.
Dec 18 2012
powermage22 Level 201 Windia Night Walker 4 See what games, anime & art powermage22 is intopowermage22
@pinksinftw: "Ludibrium Castle, commonly referred to as "Legoland", since the town is made out of Lego-type blocks, is a floating town that is supported by two monstrous 100 floor towers: Eos and Helios. It is suspended over Ludus Lake between two islands, where Omega Sector and Korean Folk Town are located. It is somewhat isolated from the rest of Ossyria island, though a trip underwater can get the player back. Ludibrium Castle is accessed via a train-like ship at Orbis. It is also accessible from Korean Folk Town via its link to Aqua Road. The monsters here are mostly toy-themed and time-themed. According to quests related to the Fourth job advancement, time has stopped in Ludibrium due to the crack in the dimension near the Time Sphere, which has allowed monsters like Alishar and Papulatus to sneak in to the Maple World."

Plus the clue is a dead give away "true kids in their hearts." kids love legos.
Dec 18 2012
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