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Dec 14 12
Khaini Mechanic 4
Floating, unmoving, this town welcomes those who are true kids in their hearts.
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Dec 18 12
Bera Demon Slayer 4
Lumen Guild
And now everyone knows about it.
Which is an even LOWER chance of people getting the hat.
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Dec 18 12
Khaini Evan 10th Growth
and now people know that theres a prize to win if the can answer them, ^^^^^^^^^
Dec 18 12
Windia Beast Tamer Cat
Oh well, I got it wrong! LOL
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Dec 18 12
Windia Jett 4
Ludibrium- toy Legos, castles, teddy bears, bunnies, total cuteness everywhere.
Dec 18 12
Nova Battle Mage 4
Ludi floats?
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Dec 18 12
Windia Jett 4
leinuo: Ludi floats?

Yes, it "floats" in the sky, although it is supported by the two towers: Eos and Helios.
Dec 18 12
Broa Buccaneer
rats, i said orbis. i didnt know ludi was floating. orbis is the one with clouds
Dec 18 12
Windia Night Walker 4
JelloCakes: Zombie Mushmom
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Dec 18 12
Broa Wild Hunter 2
Welp, i got 2nd wrong.
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Dec 18 12
Bera Evan 5th Growth
Ludi isn't really floating if it's supported by two huge towers called Eos and Helios towers.
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