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Kaiser Leveling Guide ?

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Wondering if there any Kaiser leveling guide for tomorrow release ?
Posted: December 2012 Permalink
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VulcanWalker Level 200 Bera Hero
What I do when I want to avoid ksing/getting ksed:

1-30: Quests or golems
30-40: Mushroom Kingdom quests/grinding
40-50: Mannequins
50-60: Sand rats/scorpions
60-70: Iron Mutaes
70-80: Roids
80-100: MP3
100-110: Romeo and Juliet/Captains and Krus
Dec 15 2012
I meant for skilling up during leveling
Dec 16 2012
PancakeX Level 158 Broa Dawn Warrior 4
kaiser release on December 17, or 16th >.<
Dec 16 2012
there is a guild for kaiser sp and its out 17th
Dec 16 2012

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