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Dec 18 12
Windia Corsair
magnus prequests
made it for my own reference so not sure if this is already posted or w/e

  1. To Pantheon
  1. Supporting Heliseum Reclamation HQ
  1. Heliseum Reclamation HQ in Danger
  1. Edea and Piston
  1. Eliminating Battle Hounds
  1. Securing the Front Lines
  1. Sturdy Foundation
  1. Finding Emergency Supplies
  1. Pantheon
  1. Savior of Pantheon
  1. Selene's Request
  1. Christina's Request
  1. Savior of Pantheon
  1. Second Dispatch
  1. Anger Management
  1. Eurenth on the Rocks
  1. Eurenth's Advice
  1. Grandis Shadow
  1. Enter Romero
  1. Freeloading Trade King
  1. Tonero's Call
  1. Tonero's Request
  1. Information Delivery
  1. Seizing the Ores
  1. Operation, Go!

not sure if the last one is necesary
so uh kaiser is quite different it seems.
so good luck to you kaisers

also, if you can get someone to help you out, you can teleport straight to the map before the boss and skip all the prequests
MapleStory Screen: Octopi. om nom nom
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Dec 18 12
Scania Night Lord
from what i know, prequest is different for all jobs
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Dec 18 12
Bera Phantom 4
I used my PHTR to teleport into the black market.
MapleStory Screen: Fafnir DBG - ATK 311
Dec 18 12
Windia Corsair
whelp that's unfortunate then
from what i've done on my bishop, it seems to be the same so far
MapleStory Screen: Octopi. om nom nom
Dec 18 12
Windia Phantom 4
And once you are done, where you actually fight it
MapleStory Screen: Fafnir Claire Ciel- W.ATK 342 MapleStory Video: Heartcardio- 1.8 seconds zakum slow motion
Dec 18 12*
Windia Corsair
go into the castle, take the right most portal and then go all the way up through the maps
entrance map is called Heliseum Heights Entry
MapleStory Screen: Octopi. om nom nom
Dec 21 12
Chaos Phantom 4
how long does this take on average?
Dec 22 12
Windia Corsair
TsGenesis: how long does this take on average?

took me around 2 hours w/ a hyper tele rock
MapleStory Screen: Octopi. om nom nom
Dec 23 12
Bera Phantom 4
Does this need to be done every time you want to go on a Magnus run?
Dec 23 12
Windia Buccaneer
Thank you Joy senpai!
MapleStory Screen: I'm on a boat!
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