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Shadow Merchant Coins

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jjohnson10 Level 130 Reboot Aran 4
7 hours of prequests...

Is there any other way to get Shadow Merchant coins besides the daily tasks for Gallero? At 4 coins per day it would take 2 months to buy one piece of Nova gear, which is completely ridiculous.
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4 x 120 giving each month 30 days is 480 so thats about 3-2 nova equips moron.[/quote]

so where exactly are you getting the 120 from?
Dec 22 2012
LeonDragneel Level 173 Windia Night Lord
For Helios!
Dec 22 2012
sonnyhog1 Level 204 Scania Bishop
magnus is out of the question when bossing.
Dec 22 2012
What, isn't it 3 per day? Where u getting the fourth from?
Dec 22 2012
boom2121 Level 203 Scania Paladin
What, isn't it 3 per day? Where u getting the fourth from?[/quote]

No, it varies day to day. Today I got 5 coins.
Dec 22 2012
xbeasttamer Level 210 Broa Luminous 4
actually i believe you can only get helisuem equipment with the daily coins and the rest comes from magnus coins(nova and tyrant). Faster to get the heliuem from the tempest shop, but its untradable immediately after you receive it and have to psok to trade.
Dec 22 2012
nc4228 Level 205 Kradia Bishop
Other then Magnus, then no.
Dec 22 2012
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