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beewoo Level 128 Arcania Dark Knight
Hey Basil,
Well the guide that is stickied has the build, but I dont think it is up to date because it tells you to raise one point in Apocalypse - Recharge at level 168 but it isnt unlocked until level 189. Can someone tell me what to raise my on my hyper skills? thank you.
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Momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
INT, LUK, Health, Critical, (anything) for stats
For the skills buffs: Just ignore Apocalypse since it has no use
Active skill: All of them
Dec 26 2012
There's another Lumi guide in the forums with Hypers. I'll go find it in a few minutes.[/quote]

He used my Hyper Skills Guide, so there won't be a difference.

OT: My sticky'd Guide is still under construction. I am on vacation right now so I can't work on it until later. But once I get back, I'll PM you with the correct choices.
Dec 26 2012
ChildsPlay Level 50 Windia Cleric
Hey guys, when i will receive points on the "P" tab? I'm 153 now.[/quote]
I have one at 149.
Dec 26 2012
toad Level 200 Bera Battle Mage 4
@ChildsPlay: but.. i received 2 on the first tab, one at the third tab..none on the middle tab (the "P" tab). =/
Dec 26 2012
beewoo Level 128 Arcania Dark Knight
Thank you for all your guys help
Dec 26 2012
ChildsPlay Level 50 Windia Cleric
@toad: [url=]Here's how often you get the SP.[/url] If you're not getting it properly, I don't know how to help you. Send in a ticket and hope they get to it as soon as they come back from their break I guess.
Dec 26 2012

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