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P/c Sharktooth Sharpshooter Legendary

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I apologize for not figuring out how to take a screenshot on bootcamp ~

Sharktooth Sharpshooter (+10) (Legendary):
+23 Str
+39 Dex
161 Attack
30% Boss
9% Total Dmg
9% Dex
6% Critical (Neb)

Someone offered me 5bil for it. Should I take it and run, or do you think it's worth more?
Posted: December 2012 Permalink


HatedPikachu Level 146 Windia Mihile 4
Take it and run? I hope your not scamming.
Dec 26 2012
Lamarrr Level 184 Galicia Xenon 4
5b is a good deal but you could go for 6b since its legendary pot
Dec 26 2012

It's just an expression...I'm unaware of it's exact worth so I'm questioning whether or not I should "take it or leave it."


Thanks for the insight.
Dec 26 2012
DragonBandit Level 131 Khaini Hero
Well depends you gonna be making another charater soon? On that note just an fyi unless you have ignore 70% pdr already an ignore 15% def neb would be a lot better
Dec 26 2012
Yerenth Level 123 Khaini Paladin
@Snicks: I'd try to get some more coz I'm trying to get 5b for my gun

Stats are 172 attack with 3l epic. +10 and 5 enhances.
Dec 26 2012
likeabosss Level 172 Demethos Night Lord
The Empress Soul Shooter is called Sharktooth Soul drinker.... sounds pretty disturbing btw
Dec 26 2012

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