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How do high levels bind their Skills?

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Dec 27 12
Like seriously, I'm in 3rd job and I cant find easily reachable buttons to bind my skills to anymore. I have a macro G510 keyboard with 54 macro keys but it's kinda useless since you would have to put the skill in some normal button anyway. I guess I could put the skills to the F keys but that would just be awkward to look at what ur pressing all the time when you're fighting Zakum. I would want to put them in like a,s,d,z,x,c,v,ins,del etc etc but they're already occupied by my other skills or by some fucntions like party search or pickup or family menu or something. So where do you 4th job guys bind your skills?

Im a Mercedes btw
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Dec 27 12
Khaini Evan 10th Growth
Depends on your job... and whether or not you replace your lower job skills too. If they're buffs, they should be macro'd. You have 5 slots for 15 buffs. Use them.
Dec 27 12
You don't really need even half of the things they have pre-set on the keyboard anyway. Remove stuff like 'To Guild' chat shortcuts.
Dec 27 12
Mines are: Insert,Home,PgUp,Delete,End,PgDn
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Dec 27 12
Khaini Marksman
well if you smart and check well some skills of previous job are the same of some of 4th job. since 4th job skills are much better then just replace them, and with support skills commonly called 'buffs' use macros
Dec 27 12
Khaini Mercedes 4
my buffs and SOME of my attacks are on insert,page,delete.home.phup.pgdown and end

but my main attacks (my merc for example)
stunning strikes = a
rising rush = s
ring of ishtar = q
hp pots = shift
mp pots = x
chair = space
(been using this for 5 years)

look on your keyboard and u will see how easy my merc is to play
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Dec 27 12
Scania Buccaneer
I usually bind my A to a mobility/forward momentum move (Teleport, Flash Jump, Rush). Shift is Single-Target attacks, Space Bar is Mob-Attacks, 7 through 9 are buffs (I macro multiple buffs, and no one has more than 9). Specialty moves then fall all D, F, C, and V. Those are moves that I use, but just not as often as my Shift and Space-Bar moves.

Insert and Home are HP/MP pots, Delete and End are other pots. Sometimes I'll hotkey attacks to Ctrl, and move my Attack to - just to break boxes.

You shouldn't need more than that.
Dec 27 12
Scania I/L Wizard
i reorganzie mine and put the more useful ones closer to my useful fingers than the others

im a bishop and i use

my fingers are around sdf as default
Dec 27 12
I play using a controller
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Dec 27 12
Bera Bow Master
I have a skill on F and it's not hard to use at all..I don't know what you mean by having to look at it, because I don't look at mine. I also use N, B, and some other keys along with the ones you already mentioned. Quick tip: if you're using a keyboard with a number pad, you can use 0 to pick up. I find it a lot more convenient than z.
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