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Dec 28 12
Broa Blade Master
Title says it all, how do I get there? I've tried using the "Enable Navigation" on Maps but still couldn't

find which ship i'm supposed to take.. Thanks for the help!
Dec 28 12
Broa Kaiser 4
You go to Six Path Crossway and there's a portal there, then go to the top right of Pantheon.
Dec 28 12
Bera Marksman
You don't take a ship. Go to 6-pah crossway and use the giant mirror sticking out. it should take you to the town then you just need to walk to helsium from there.
Dec 28 12
Bera Shadower
If only Nexon made patch notes to tell us these sorts of things.
Dec 28 12
Broa Blade Master
Thanks for the help guys!

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