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They had a broken keyboard

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So I bought a broken keyboard
Half of you don't even know this song. SMH at the community on basil -_-. Too much techno
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Ipoopster Level 10 Kradia
did you get broken pc with it?
Dec 28 2012
StolenTea Level 86 Bellocan Hermit
Did you get R-kelly's blanket?
Dec 28 2012
Nashi Level 205 Broa Bishop Zettai Guild
They have a broken smartphone.
So I'm hopefully buying said broken smartphone.
Dec 28 2012
How much did it costs? Did you pay taxes?
Dec 28 2012
Congratulations, I would like to hear more of your keyboard adventures.[/quote]

Well then you're going to have to hmu.
Dec 28 2012
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