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They had a broken keyboard

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So I bought a broken keyboard
Half of you don't even know this song. SMH at the community on basil -_-. Too much techno
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Segumisama Level 163 Bera I/L Arch Mage
Congratulations, I would like to hear more of your keyboard adventures.
Dec 28 2012
Ipoopster Level 10 Kradia
did you get broken pc with it?
Dec 28 2012
SoulXIV Level 18 Bera Blade Recruit
Dec 28 2012
Juxos Level 170 Bera Phantom 4
Following the bandwagon I see
Dec 28 2012
StolenTea Level 154 Broa Shadower
Did you get R-kelly's blanket?
Dec 28 2012
Nashi Level 205 Broa Bishop Zettai Guild
They have a broken smartphone.
So I'm hopefully buying said broken smartphone.
Dec 28 2012
How much did it costs? Did you pay taxes?
Dec 28 2012
Congratulations, I would like to hear more of your keyboard adventures.[/quote]

Well then you're going to have to hmu.
Dec 28 2012
GlitterPumas Level 106 Khaini Ranger
Implying that asians wouldn't know this song when most asians try to be hipsters
Dec 28 2012
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