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Dec 28 12
Windia Phantom 4
I finished all the quest ( I'm sure ) for Heliseum, now the it looks like the very last quest Edea said to me was to "defeat Magnus Normal Mode".
How am I suppose to do this? Solo or party? Do I have to finish it the quest or....what? I'm level 165 Kaiser 56k range dragon form.
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Dec 28 12
Bera Buccaneer
You're weak.
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Dec 28 12
Scania Blade Master
HA id like to see you make a dent on magnus's armour.
OTyou should do it with a pty because hes really hard but he kills really easy and that doesnt help with the death count system...
Dec 28 12
Khaini Angelic Buster 4
You won't be able to solo it.
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Dec 28 12*
Scania Night Lord
good luck.
Even with Godly Funding, you need to be LUCKY to beat Magnus.
Dec 28 12
Scania Cleric
You should get a party for it
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Dec 28 12
Windia Battle Mage 4
Only way to kill Magnus is if you have a hax0r on your team
Dec 28 12*
Windia Phantom 4
So the quest from Edea isn't necessary to finish? I can just go to helis spectators and hunt some equips now? =o
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Dec 28 12
Scania Blade Master
Yup but why wouldnt you want to kill him?the fame the equips the glory? THE KAISERIUM... But yeah hunting monsters for equips are cool
Dec 28 12*
Scania Bishop
With every new boss, more and more maplers are being left behind. The next boss after magnus is probably gonna require 250-300%+ gear, which is only going to be 1-5% of maple population.

For my character it felt like I needed:
HT - 80%+
CHT - 100%+
PB - 130%+
Empress - 160%+
CPB - 180%+
Magnus- 210%+

then again I'm a pally..

I wonder when they will make a boss that relies on pure skill and no damage
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