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Those cool Aura wings

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iGoPewPew Level 200 Windia Shade 4
anyone know where to get these?
seen a few around fm

and how much could I buy them for?

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Suckitms Level 137 Scania I/L Arch Mage
i wanna know too, i seen alot of them has it, it look so beautiful! vampire wing or w/e
Dec 30 2012
Oh, that was in the Wing box when the new cs was introduced.
Dec 30 2012
CavanCai Level 156 Arcania Phantom 4
Lux and Nox Cherubim from Premium Surprise Boxes is an alternative if you really want them
Dec 30 2012
iGoPewPew Level 200 Windia Shade 4
so it's limited time?

what a bummer :'(
Dec 30 2012
i got the 99k box and i got the lux cherubim for 90days- i was so luck
Dec 30 2012
iGoPewPew Level 200 Windia Shade 4
what about the psyche mystic cape?
the ones that look like fluttering butterfly wings? :O
Dec 30 2012

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