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Those cool Aura wings

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Suckitms Level 137 Scania I/L Arch Mage
i wanna know too, i seen alot of them has it, it look so beautiful! vampire wing or w/e
Dec 30 2012
Oh, that was in the Wing box when the new cs was introduced.
Dec 30 2012
Lux and Nox Cherubim from Premium Surprise Boxes is an alternative if you really want them
Dec 30 2012
iGoPewPew Level 200 Windia Shade 4
so it's limited time?

what a bummer :'(
Dec 30 2012
i got the 99k box and i got the lux cherubim for 90days- i was so luck
Dec 30 2012
iGoPewPew Level 200 Windia Shade 4
what about the psyche mystic cape?
the ones that look like fluttering butterfly wings? :O
Dec 30 2012

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