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OPer class? Xenon/AB
MapleStory Forums : Xenon : Talk about the Xenon class
Jan 02 13
Scania Angelic Buster 4
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Jan 02 13*
Broa Phantom 4
AB loses 80% damage on their nerf.
Xenon free fly hack skill ftw.
Jan 02 13
Khaini Buccaneer
Xenon. AB got destroyed by the nerf.
Jan 02 13
Scania Angelic Buster 4
Remember that Xenon will get a hard nerf sometime too so.
Jan 02 13
Broa Buccaneer
AceOfBlades247: I say AB. Wouldn't Xenon be weaker with its 3 stats becuase you have to fund and put points into each stat? (Str,Dex,Luk)

No, with the items we have now one can still simply % one stat or even use all stats and still get a decent amount
You have to remember that items now have almost all the stats on them anyway and scrolling for stats is still a valid option.
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Jan 02 13
Broa Phantom 4
AngelinaXD: Remember that Xenon will get a hard nerf sometime too so.

Source? If it's a time machine, can I use yours and see for myself?
Or do you have a magical crystal ball that I can look into?
Jan 02 13
Windia Battle Mage 4
Xenon is a Mix of Phantom/Jett since they got a mille of themselves.
Idk, id say AB still because hey, We doesn't like Asian B[i]tches
Jan 02 13
Bera Chief Bandit
Whatever gets bandwagoned first
Jan 02 13
Khaini Night Lord
The more and more xenon is looking the more of a nerf it will need. Look at AB and the nerfing it got so just imagine xenon's. This hasn't even hit the live servers just yet.
Jan 02 13*
Broa Angelic Buster 4
Pre-Unlimited, Angelic Buster still had the highest damage output post-nerf.

Post-Unlimited, she's down to 12th or so (Marksmen should be at the top with spammable Snipe).

Xenon looks like they'll get an enormous nerf.
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