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P/c Tempest Rings

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Hey Basil.

I was wondering If I should reveal the potential on my tempest rings or just leave them hidden?
Which would be worth more. Or would it depend on the stat.

Can i have a P/c on:
Tempest Ring 3l Epic with 6% INT and two crappy lines.
Tempest Ring 3l Epic with crappy stats.

Thank you
Posted: January 2013 Permalink


Tempest equips are always 3line on reveal, so it's better to leave them hidden.
Jan 02 2013
P/c on the rings?
Jan 02 2013
Cookies4Me Level 81 Bera Beginner
6% stat should be around 180m~. Higher if its str because of the kaiser hype right now.
3L crap... I sold mine for around 60m.
Jan 02 2013
flamintuna12 Level 186 Reboot F/P Arch Mage
Hidden Potential ones go for more than crappy 3l stats.[/quote]

maybe you should read better, they are epic
Jan 03 2013

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