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The Difference Between the 4 Different Kinds of Xenon?
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Jan 03 13
Broa Phantom 4
What is the exact difference of the 4 kinds of Xenon? There are 2 different Males and 2 Different Female versions apparently. I forgot their names, I was just wondering if there is any real difference between skills/playstyle/etc between them.

Edit* When creating Xenon, you can choose between the Xenon type or the Su type (for males) and Orca type (for females).

Source - http://orangemushroom.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/kmst-ver-1-2-460-xenon/#more-5113
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Jan 03 13
Broa Blade Master
I am writing this to you as I play my Xenon: there is absolutely no difference. It's just cosmetics. For the male xenon, there are two styles: Male Xenon and Suu (or as GMS calls him, Lotus). For the female Xenon, there are also two styles: Female Xenon and Orca (Orchid)
Jan 03 13
DemethosGMS Evan 10th Growth
Those are just visual difference, there's 4 different starting hair style when creating a Xenon(2 male 2 female)
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Jan 03 13
Windia Paladin
nope, just appearance I believe
Jan 03 13
ElNido Cannoneer 4
They are just looks thats all
Jan 03 13
Broa Phantom 4
Thank you everyone above!
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