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Angelic Buster Dressup Customization

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Jan 10 13
Broa Mercedes 4
Since everyone's Angelic Buster looks the same, I bought mine some cat hair and prim eyes from royal coupons. Still, I think they all look the same and I was wondering what are the limits to Angelic Buster's customization.

Can we change dress up mode's hair color? Or dress up mode's skin tone? Is Angelic Buster's Nx clothing limited to the three Compacts in the cash shop or can she wear anything from the cash shop?
Thanks for the help Basil!
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Jan 10 13
Broa Blade Master
yea it is
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Jan 10 13
Broa Mercedes 4
Then why would they make so many empty slots for equips in her dress up widow?
Jan 10 13*
Bera Zero Transcendent
It's very much like androids. Hair and face coupons work, and she can wear cash items. Not sure if skin coupons work though. And she can't wear any body items that would replace her default outfit that's already equipped.
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