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Ready to merch, or not ready to merch, that is the question

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Jan 11 13
Scania Chief Bandit
I'd like to thank everyone for their input from now.

So I came backt o MS recently and thought instead of coming to level I would come back to merch instead.

Recently made my new merch account and I have around 850M to begin with.

Other than a permit is there anything else that anyone would suggest I need (NX or non-NX) before I begin roaming the FM to learn market prices, etc?

Also, any tips in terms of what's best to merchant at the time would be great as well. Thanks again!
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Jan 11 13
Bera Jett 4
Check with someone else, but I think that premium surprise boxes are pretty nice if you get lucky.
Jan 11 13*
Scania Marksman
Assuming Scania, these are some of the more popular things being sold.

-Nox/Lux/Luminous Sherubims. NX Capes which sell for around 450M - 800M-ish. (I think Luminous sells for the highest, also be aware that some may be duped.)
-Other perm. NX stuff which I can't remember.
-10 ATK WGs are dead.
-Tempest Equipment, especially Rings and Belts. Tempest Rings are popular because they come with weapon/magic attack which is useful for Chaos scrolling, as well as having Potential. 3% stat Tempest Rings generally sell for around 40M, 6% stat sells for like 2 - 5 times more. Epic potential'd Rings also seem to cost more regardless of the actual potential. DEX % should be the most expensive/popular due to Angelic Buster's release/Marksman's supposed chart-topping DPM, post-hyper skills.
-Also related to Angelic Buster's release is Pirate gear. Prices for Empress pirate gear should supposedly go up, I guess...
-Empress equipment/Nova equipment/Tyrant equipment are the most popular equips to sell.
-Luminous/Kaiser/Angelic Buster skill books.
Jan 11 13*
Scania Chief Bandit
Thanks a lot for the replies so far, some good info to get me started.

And xxclericxx, I already made the decision to merch so that wouldn't make sense. I wanna know if I'm ready/what'll make me ready to merch.
Jan 11 13*
KradiaGMS Dark Knight
You're ready once you know prices well enough to buy things you know are a good deal without hesitation. Also, once you get enough starting mesos buy a mushie.

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