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Heliseum/Nova drops from Velderoth
MapleStory Forums : General MapleStory : General MS questions and answers
Jan 13 13
Renegades Kaiser 4
While hunting for some thief stuff, I just got a heliseum warrior cape. I didn't realize they were untradeable. Without buying nx to purchase PSOKs for them is there anything I can do with this cape and whatever other wrong job drops I happen to get?
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Jan 13 13
Bera Buccaneer
NPC it.
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Jan 13 13
Scania Mercedes 4
Have a bunch of fun enhancing them with regular enhancement scrolls.
Jan 13 13
Zenith Blade Acolyte
Nothing you can do.
Jan 13 13
Renegades Kaiser 4
Dam untradeable >_<
Jan 13 13
Scania Aran 4
Is Velderoth a mob or a boss?
Cause I might try to get some for myself. and Is the drop-rate bad?
Jan 13 13
Mardia Marauder
Its been this way the whole time and a reason to now do this at all. The risk is great but the reward is amazing, in a way.
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Jan 13 13*
Windia Cannoneer 3
iRadoon: Is Velderoth a mob or a boss?
Cause I might try to get some for myself. and Is the drop-rate bad?

Boss. And the drop rate is terrible.
Edit: I think people misunderstood. By terrible, I meant terribly low. No need to get your panties in a bunch, kids.
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Jan 13 13
Scania Battle Mage 4
So is it worth it to psok it and sell it?
Jan 13 13
Windia Angelic Buster 4
Are you annoyed at how many you might have to kill in order to gain even 1 measly Nova/Heliseum equipment?
Get over yourself.
These equipments don't have a low drop rate for nothing. They are relatively good equipment and it 'makes sense' that the drop rate is low.
If you're getting frustrated over how 'bad' its drop rate is, then quit Maple and experience life more. Don't just expect to make a billion from a night's work.
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