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Angelic Buster Book

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muncher123 Level 162 Renegades Demon Avenger 4
okay, so i just got to lvl 70, and im wondering which book i should get.
What book did you guys get?
Posted: January 2013 Permalink


chucksnorris Level 173 Broa Buccaneer
I almost always choose whatever skill that my class guide says to max out first that needs a book
Jan 13 2013
I went for Soul Shooter Expert.

Wish I had gone for Affinity 4, go for that one.
Jan 13 2013
Expert (Crit) or affinity (Recharge), both are good but doesn't really matter if you play maple a lot because you can easily buy special mystery books for 83 coins and get them both anyways.

Anyways just from personal experience I can tell you that the recharge system will still be annoying even with affinity 4 30 so don't think having it maxed will save you from the "fail"
Jan 13 2013
Im just going to wait for hot time and collect a lot of books on different accounts, and based on what books i get ill decide which skill to get.
Jan 13 2013

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