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Jan 13 13
Renegades Demon Avenger 4
okay, so i just got to lvl 70, and im wondering which book i should get.
What book did you guys get?
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Jan 13 13
Broa Marksman
I almost always choose whatever skill that my class guide says to max out first that needs a book
Jan 13 13
Scania Mercedes 4
I went for Soul Shooter Expert.

Wish I had gone for Affinity 4, go for that one.
Jan 13 13
Galicia Bow Master
Expert (Crit) or affinity (Recharge), both are good but doesn't really matter if you play maple a lot because you can easily buy special mystery books for 83 coins and get them both anyways.

Anyways just from personal experience I can tell you that the recharge system will still be annoying even with affinity 4 30 so don't think having it maxed will save you from the "fail"
Jan 13 13
Bera Shadower
Im just going to wait for hot time and collect a lot of books on different accounts, and based on what books i get ill decide which skill to get.

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