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Jan 15 13
Windia Hero
I've only gotten thief/pirate equips from long did it take you to get the right equip for your class? I realize it may be easier to just buy it with coins but I have a bunch of 2x cards so I just try my chances with that.

Also, does anyone want helisium equips for pirates/thieves in Windia?
- thief cape: 21/21/20/20 W. att 10/M. att 9
- thief cape: 18/21/19/20 W.att 10/M. att 10
- thief cape: 20/20/20/18 W.att 11/M.att 10
- thief boots: 18/18/18/16 W. att 8/M.att 6
- pirate boots: 20/18/18/19 W.att 7/M.att 7

If you want one, you p'sok it, but other than that, it's free. Before you think this is a scam, it's not, but that's fine if you think that it is. I've tried to exchange mesos for NX once, but I got scammed so I understand.
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Jan 15 13
Bera Demon Slayer 1
How many kills before one drops on average? I've downed like 140 Treglows on a random basis and haven't had one yet
Jan 15 13
Scania Crossbow Man
You should be doing Velderoth instead...
Jan 15 13
Scania Phantom 4
The last sentence Ryhmes
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Jan 15 13
Windia Hero
Well on 2x I used my 2x buff so in 3 hours I got 5 equips. Funny thing is that once I got one, on the next try I would get another right away.

Velderoth has a higher drop rate?
Jan 15 13
Bera Shade 4
I farm Velderoth and I always find pirate and thief stuff including nova shoes. I've gotten one warrior cape/boot and I'm a kaiser
Jan 15 13
Windia Hero
^ Yeah..that's why I'm trying to give the equips away I have no use for them. At least you've gotten some warrior equips...
Jan 15 13
Mardia F/P Arch Mage
what drops the mage cape?
Jan 28 13
ElNido Bow Master
what drops BM stuff?

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