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getting helisium equips

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I've only gotten thief/pirate equips from long did it take you to get the right equip for your class? I realize it may be easier to just buy it with coins but I have a bunch of 2x cards so I just try my chances with that.

Also, does anyone want helisium equips for pirates/thieves in Windia?
- thief cape: 21/21/20/20 W. att 10/M. att 9
- thief cape: 18/21/19/20 W.att 10/M. att 10
- thief cape: 20/20/20/18 W.att 11/M.att 10
- thief boots: 18/18/18/16 W. att 8/M.att 6
- pirate boots: 20/18/18/19 W.att 7/M.att 7

If you want one, you p'sok it, but other than that, it's free. Before you think this is a scam, it's not, but that's fine if you think that it is. I've tried to exchange mesos for NX once, but I got scammed so I understand.
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How many kills before one drops on average? I've downed like 140 Treglows on a random basis and haven't had one yet
Jan 15 2013
You should be doing Velderoth instead...
Jan 15 2013
Well on 2x I used my 2x buff so in 3 hours I got 5 equips. Funny thing is that once I got one, on the next try I would get another right away.

Velderoth has a higher drop rate?
Jan 15 2013
Bobofrice Level 161 Bera Shade 4
I farm Velderoth and I always find pirate and thief stuff including nova shoes. I've gotten one warrior cape/boot and I'm a kaiser
Jan 15 2013
^ Yeah..that's why I'm trying to give the equips away I have no use for them. At least you've gotten some warrior equips...
Jan 15 2013
what drops the mage cape?
Jan 15 2013
wk70129 Level 165 Elnido Bow Master
what drops BM stuff?
Jan 28 2013

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