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Demon Slayer vs. Demon Avenger

MapleStory Forums : Demon Avenger : Talk about the Demon Avenger class

Jan 16 13
Broa Blade Lord
Which one do you like better? Are you gonna make one when they come to GMS or stick with ur Slayer? I have a lvl 100 demon slayer and imma try avenger too
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Jan 16 13
Arcania Chief Bandit
from what ive heard, avenger is stronger, but they have yet to nerf it in kms.
Jan 16 13
Broa Blade Lord
Well im not talking about damage more of fun, enjoyable playstyle but slayer was fun so i have high hopes for avenger also
Jan 16 13
Nova Demon Slayer 4
Jan 16 13
Zenith Dark Knight
hymme0001: from what ive heard, avenger is stronger, but they have yet to nerf it in kms.

they already did... KSM nerfed demon avenger 3 times, and is still stronger than demon slayers (just a bit)
Jan 16 13
Bera Shadower
I think I'd prefer DemonSlayer more, but DemonAvenger still looks interesting to me, and I'll definitely be making one.
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Jan 16 13
Windia Battle Mage 4
HP is cheaper to come by, so DA>DS. Not to mention, my epic hp items will come in handy finally. >_<
Jan 16 13
Zenith Blade Acolyte
I prefer DS more.
Jan 16 13
Scania Demon Slayer 4
Dem hp% will come to use
Jan 16 13*
Khaini Kaiser 4
Link skill lvl 1 +5% damage (lvl 2 +10%) and character card gives boss %damage and i really like DS ummm yes i would make 1
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