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Pb vs. Fc which is harder to get?

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Jan 19 13
Windia Dark Knight
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Jan 19 13
Bera Wild Hunter 4
You have just as much chance getting Final Cut from a boss as you have Phantom Blow
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Jan 19 13
Chaos Angelic Buster 4
Same rate, but you also need to take other books into account.
Jan 19 13
Broa Chief Bandit
Can you get pb and fc from the special tempest mastery books?
Jan 19 13
Scania Blade Master
Mushroomx3 pb and fc are not mastery books they are skillbooks therefore they need to be learned not upgrade to add sp in
Jan 19 13*
Scania Blade Master
Pb is way harder to get
Jan 19 13
Broa Cannoneer 2
FC was harder for me to get, I eventually bummed it off of a friend. I got PB my first Zak run lol
Jan 19 13
Bera Corsair
Both. I used to see PB more in the past, but now I see FC rarely and PB even less.
Jan 20 13
Bera Xenon 4
I've found FC like 3 times, and phantom blow once, along with plenty of aran/evan books from about 8 Hilla runs and 2 RA runs

I'm still trying to sell FC and PB
Jan 20 13
Scania Blade Master
i got two from hillia today but i dont need should i drop?
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