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How do you get to level 200?

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Now i know most of you would just give the standard guide and like by 120 just lhc then 160 go to stronghold till 200, but what i mean by "how do you get to level 200?" is like mentally, how do you have the patience to level up all the way to 200, i always get bored by 140's how do you do it?
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TrinityX Level 110 Demethos Dawn Warrior 3
Really from what I see is free time, be patient, and have sociable party members, otherwise it would get boring even faster.
Jan 20 2013
Determination, passion, coffee.
Jan 20 2013
Barquifa Level 151 Bera Kanna 4
I could never attain 200 either. Made at least 13 or 14 classes over a 5 year period. Not one 200.

Those 2x NX coupons help a lot. Although paying your way there would defeat the purpose. I don't really think there's a mentality you need to have. If you start getting bored, I would just find another game to play or something else to do entirely. It took me a long time to realize that I just did not like this game anymore and that level 200 is honestly nothing special in this game when there's hardly any end game content worth the effort for reaching 200. Just my two cents.
Jan 20 2013
Flamepc Level 210 Broa Zero Transcendent
The guild/alliance. I would have never gotten to 176 if it hadn't been to my alliance constantly leveling and talking to me.
Friends. You can't be like Kirito and be the best by being alone. You need people to make the long tedious hours into long (but short in essence) convos.
Free time.
Jan 20 2013
Red Leaf High. Never had the patience to solely rely on grinding.
Jan 20 2013
I just leech of my guildies. They don't mind.
Jan 20 2013
2x exp coupons and SH...although I finished 195-200 in red leaf because those last 5 lvls are just....
Jan 20 2013
chap03 Level 100 Windia Blade Lord
well once they are level 179 they ussually just go to hoh.
all the people that go there are usually hackers or leech from them.
if you see 1 legit party in hoh its already special
Jan 20 2013
waywan Level 200 Windia Mercedes 4
It was an experience that I do not want to go through again ._.
Jan 20 2013
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