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FrozenFlameOLevel 178 Bera Bow Master
So if you haven't seen the new TBs , here's a glance. I'll be editing as new information arises...
*skillbooks are NOT required.
Now knowing how TBs have come out... how excited/unexcited are you for WA?

Wind Archers are gonna be green.
Posted: January


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IcyBlue220Level 189 Broa Mercedes 4
LOL Its gonna be a quaduple xbowguns. They are gonna have two strapped to each arm. Or each bowgun has dual barrels. XD
Jan 21 2013
twopointonefourLevel 220 Scania Bow Master
LOL.... where are they gonna hold the third one. Oh wai- it's Nexon. No such thing as logic.

Probably strapped around their head or with their mouth? [/quote]

You guys are dumb. Obviously, they'll use 4 dualbow's on each of their limbs and glide around on ass-air.
Jan 21 2013
airforce1Level 202 Zenith Bow Master
idk what I'm even going to do with a lvl200 wind archer. What's the point?
Jan 21 2013
okaythenLevel 128 Nova Angelic Buster 4
Aww man, I gotta get my wind archer to 200?
Screw that!
Jan 22 2013
FrozenFlameOLevel 178 Bera Bow Master
This is great
Jan 22 2013
bluebomber24Level 206 Windia Bow Master
After getting this , I am going to start going for the weapon boxes or maybe see what I can get from the chaos boxes. Wep is the only major thing I can't transfer (excluding the untradables and pet equips)
Jan 22 2013
bowmushro0mLevel 210 Windia Wind Archer 4
@twopointonefour: LOL. Genius.[/quote]


look you guys are idiots. lets get real. i'm betting they're gonna give wa's an arrow, that shoots bows, that shoots dual bows that shoot mercedes' that use ishtars.
Jan 22 2013
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