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Jan 23 13
Scania Evan 7th Growth
Root Abyss Boss Drops & Seal Box results
- List your drops from Boss, ~ about how many runs
- Sealed Box results, special pots and etc.
(I hear the chairs are quite rare, havnt seen one drop myself, iv seen someone with it though)
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Jan 23 13
Renegades Luminous 4
4 runs so far for all bosses (except for queen)- drops: skill book and pierre hat
Box result: crap
Jan 23 13
Broa Dark Knight
A total of about 15 runs so far- drops: Skill books and chicken hat
Box Results: Occult cube, the rest crap
Jan 23 13
Scania Evan 7th Growth
8 runs - nothing but 2 skill books
Box results - crap
Jan 23 13
Broa Battle Mage 4
A total of 10 runs. Got crap in the boxes. Drops from bosses include skill books, and there helms.
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Jan 23 13
Scania Evan 9th Growth
2 mmb from bosses, nothing else
boxes all garbage
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Jan 23 13
Scania Evan 7th Growth
Im hoping like mad for a chair..
Jan 23 13
Bera Marksman
9 runs
crappy lvl 100 items with crappy pot
and none of that all scrolls work on it thing
Jan 23 13
Yellonde Luminous 4
4 runs on all bosses ( except queen )
Drops: Vellum hat, Von Bon hat, 2 MMBs, some skill books
Boxes: Crap and even more crap.
Jan 23 13
Khaini Marksman
3 runs excluding queen
drops: potions / mmb / skillbooks
boxes: crap only

OT; about the chairs. they're only available to KMS. GMS would improve them in a future patch.
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