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Getting Phantom Blow

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ultimo Level 157 Khaini Luminous 4
Well, I have tried Zakum about 5 times now, and Hillia just once XD
I have also tried a couple runs of Root Ab, but I never got Phantom Blow ( I got Final Cut though)
Does anyone know any other place to get Phantom Blow?


If anyone is willing to go on a Czak Run and help me solo it XP.... or anything possible, I will be very greatful...
Posted: January 2013 Permalink


SMCstar Level 200 Windia Blade Master
zak and hilla are mostly for ppl that cant usually go on czak runs.(slow pc, squishy char, no one willing to help, etc)
czak is better since it drops almost everytime

50+ hilla, 3 zak, 2 czak and no pb. i eventually bought mine...
Jan 26 2013
FamilyOuting Level 127 Galicia Kaiser 4
Why does zakum in KMS videos drop so much items? The last 10 times I zaked, there was no skill books and either none or 1 zhelm.

I'm just hoping I can find final cut and pb for my DB today on 2x at zak.
Jan 26 2013
ShadowSkillz Level 169 Aquila Shadower
My 1st Czak run dropped PB but i d'ced .Luckily my 2nd run also dropped pb . No Fc though.
OT: You could buy em' off of someone if you want. I highly recommend you to find some pros to help you go on a Czak run because Nzak is a waste of time.
Jan 26 2013

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