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How do you get the chinchillin chair?

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WhyUNoFun Level 208 Scania Evan 10th Growth
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Jan 27 2013
MiracleChild Level 11 Elnido Night Walker 1
Are you serious [/quote]

Yes he's serious, if he made a thread about it. Jeez, just answer the question or don't type anything. Some people don't go to Maple Fan Sites all the time, to know what's going on.

OT: Go to the event tab, and its the first thing. You need 35 points, and you can get UP TO 5 points a day. So it will take a week to get it(if you get 5 points a day).
Jan 27 2013
abilas26 Level 142 Bera Thunder Breaker 4
[url=]Answer the questions. You can get a max of 5 points a day, assuming you answer all the questions right, and you need 35 points to get the chair.[/url]
Jan 27 2013
MiracleChild Level 11 Elnido Night Walker 1
@MiracleChild: Well, he was too stupid to even try to google it.[/quote]

Why google it when, Oh I don't know, you can ask a site that revolves around Maple. There was no stupidity anywhere in his intentions, but the stupidity came when you decided to thrust your grubby little fingers across the keyboard.
Jan 27 2013
@MiracleChild: Because google takes what, a second? while coming to basil he had to take the time and create a thread, then wait for a response.
Jan 27 2013
How do you get the award tokens? I got 3/5 but I got the 5 right. But page crashed so I had to refresh and now it says I have 3 right not 5 wtf -_-. But how do I get the 3 award tokens I got for today?
Feb 08 2013

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