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normal and hard magnus Hp and drop list

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what is both the normal and hard magnus hp?
and what is both the drop lists for normal and hard magnus?
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steven7x23 Level 158 Bera Marksman
doesnt hard magnus have 2 billion hp

hard magnus drops magnus coins and tyrant equips and all the other equips

magnus drops some shadow merchant coins with some elite helsium and nova equips
Jan 30 2013
All I know is Hard Magnus has 100% drop rate of Ban Hammer.
Hope I helped!
Jan 30 2013
richboyliang Level 169 Broa Kaiser 4
first of all he quarters your damage so his effective hp is 4x whatever it actually is.

second he rains down OHKO meteors while guaranteeing to land most other attacks that 1/2 or OHKO your hp if you don't dodge them along with the meteors.

third you have to be close to him (so much for dodging stuff) to do damage to him

fourth you can only drink a potion every 10 seconds and he attacks way more often than that.

tldr only hackers or insanely funded, mobile classes have a chance to beat him.
Jan 30 2013
steven7x23 Level 158 Bera Marksman
All I know is Hard Magnus has 100% drop rate of Ban Hammer.
Hope I helped![/quote]

sounds good
i need a better weapon
[url=]lookit this garbage[/url]
[url=]more garbage[/url]
Jan 30 2013

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