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Jan 30 13
Bera Bishop
I need Magnus letter for the "Spector Informant" quest, how can i get that ?
Jan 30 13*
Bera Evan 2nd Growth
kill magnus

jk you need to do something in that map that the monk dudes were in and you should get the letter
i think one of the monk dudes drop it
Jan 30 13
Broa Warrior
no, keep on to the right. you'll come to a cutscene. Thats where you get it.
New MapleStory Screen: Me hanging out with mrbasil :o
Jan 30 13
Bera Bishop
i got it from the warior reapers i have to kill for the same quest.
I was affraid i had to kill magnus for it, way out of reach for my 128 Luki.


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