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I've searched for the answer but I cannot find it.

When did Nexon add Southperry to their list of official Maplestory fansites?
auctionRyuLevel 215 Broa Night LordAbyssel Guild
Posted: February


Don't know, I guessed on it.
xProHealLevel 200 Khaini F/P Arch Mage
Feb 01 2013
Check the timeline, it's under the tabs
AeronomxLevel 174 Scania Corsair
Feb 01 2013
You didn't research very well.
CrystalShadowLevel 208 Khaini Bishop
Feb 01 2013
i think i guessed the most recent date on there
oakmontowlsLevel 200 Galicia Blade Master
Feb 01 2013

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