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Level 40 Branch Nose

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How rare are those level 40 branch nose? I only see the level 10's now. Is a 3L rare scrolled once level 40 branch nose worth 1.55 billion? or too expensive?

Thanks guys
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AyeeRaph Level 202 Bera Bow Master
Well clean ones w/o pot is around 1b and i just sold my 3l 4% dex clean for 2.2
Feb 03 2013
HateSpirit Level 148 Broa F/P Arch Mage
@nikeball123 @AyeeRaph Really, they're still [i]that[/i] cheap? Maybe it's just me, but I cannot find any [i]at all.[/i] Maybe it's because I'm in CMYK, I don't know. Only ones I see are the insanely good ones that are worth at least 10b; the ones I cannot afford. ):

@RoronoaZoro Aw, that sucks. Nice basil id, by the way.!
Feb 04 2013
HateSpirit Level 148 Broa F/P Arch Mage
@lukiie No, they're a whole potential tier higher, so it makes a huge difference. You basically can get double the stats with the same amount of cubing.
Tier 1: 30-
Tier 2: 31-70
Tier 3: 71+
Feb 04 2013

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