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LaTale vs Maplestory

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Igchan Level 80 Galicia Hunter
What do you think of this game, when compared to maplestory?

I've been playing it for a few days and I got to say, it does have its charm and fixes several of maple's problems.

1 - You can't spam pots. Healers are actually useful and needed
2 - You can't spam the same skills, you need to use several of them
3 - If you fight skillfully, chaining and rising a high combo count, you get more exp and more money!
4 - a lot less cash shop oriented, most stuff is trully ftp

Now for the things that I think Maplestory does better (keep in mind i only played latale a few days, my char is lvl 26)

1 - Maple has a LOT more content
2 - The movements are... stiff and awkward, maple really wins this.
3 - The translations sucks lol. So much engrish, really hard to understand.
4 - The backgrounds arent as pretty and detailed as maple's.
5 - Less classes, less equips.
6 - The plot is... what? I dunno, maybe its because the translation is so bad I can't enjoy it.

Your opinion?
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daStrike Level 178 Windia Mechanic 4
I had so much fun in the 4~6 months I played. I stopped after leveling became too hard and found something else to entertain myself.
overall, a pretty cute game
Feb 05 2013
LaTale is alright I guess, but I always seem to come back to MapleStory.
Feb 05 2013
Amazing Level 200 Scania Night Lord
mfw "a lot less CS oriented".

The game revolves around astros l0l0l0l.

MapleStory has an infinitely larger community enabling training parties and such a lot easier. La Tale has a [i]huge[/i] emphasize on partying, especially during the lower levels, but NO ONE PLAYS. You'll notice this when you reach spookyville levels (30 to ~125). In order to find parties, I usually had to megaphone.

A lot of cash shop sets give bonus EXP and stats that are immensely helpful. You can technically play F2P, but like MapleStory you're going to have an exceedingly hard time unless you take the time to build up currency. La Tale has a group of dictators literally controlling the community's income and GM interaction. Basically a few elitists/high level and dedicated players control the game and content that comes in La Tale for the most part.

It's not a fun game to deeply involve yourself into.
Feb 05 2013
Less classes? What the hell. LaTale has more than ~33 classes (I think I got that right)? How many classes are there in La Tale?
Feb 05 2013
Collo123 Level 115 Renegades Battle Mage 4
LaTale has that level 80 job adv...
Unless they made it earlier.
Feb 05 2013
Igchan Level 80 Galicia Hunter
As I said, I only played up to lvl 26, so I can only base my opinions on what I experienced myself.

Glad I got some insight on the endgame department.

As for the community, every time I asked something, even if it was a dumb question, I ALWAYS got help, from strangers. Free equips without asking for them, and so on. So even if they're not many, they are definitely nicer than maple's.
Feb 05 2013
Wintermelon Level 152 Mardia Marksman
The stylization of the sprites was really awkward, and that bothers me a lot. The pixels were like smoothed out.. and the characters were fairly tall and awkward. The thing about MapleStory is that it looks nice and matches well with its environments.. it's a design issue. The gameplay was slow and leveling up was slow, fairly similar to every other Korean grindfest. It was alright - it didn't hold my interest.
Feb 05 2013
zentai Level 168 Windia Zero Transcendent
I played La tale for 2 months and Maplestory for 6 years, La tale was sort of boring because like you said can't spam skills and pots. But Maplestory is just getting uncreative so yeah.
Feb 05 2013
daStrike Level 178 Windia Mechanic 4
I played La tale for 2 months and Maplestory for 6 years, La tale was sort of boring because like you said <b>can't spam skills</b> and pots. But Maplestory is just getting uncreative so yeah.[/quote]

my fix: became a blader
Feb 05 2013
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