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Tots Know-How - you dont have to change your Hair

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Just wait 24 hours and let the Coupon expire. It will complete the quest and you can get your Chair and Medal.
Green4EVERLevel 213 Galicia F/P Arch MageSolus Guild
Posted: February


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How do we start this chain of quests?
rydog77Level 208 Khaini Bow Master
Feb 07 2013
Is this a permanent addition to MS?
FrozenFlameOLevel 178 Bera Bow Master
Feb 07 2013
What level is this quest?
Feb 07 2013
How do I get to tots guide?
BuidnessManLevel 100 Scania Night Lord
Feb 07 2013
How does this even work LOL
pancakes030Level 167 Scania F/P Arch Mage
Feb 07 2013
I just changed my Kitty Hair(royal hair thing) for this... Oh well. I'm an Ab. Changed it on my un-transformed mode.
lian360Level 1 Khaini Kaiser 1
Feb 07 2013
only if i knew
i lost evan hair....
vivek234Level 206 Galicia Evan 10th Growth
Feb 07 2013
I don't get this. I'm stuck on [ Education ] About Level-up Guide, it won't let me complete it.
marcilleeestLevel 207 Khaini Cannoneer 4
Feb 07 2013
thanks... i didn't wanna change my AB's hair
iDrinkOJLevel 127 Windia Phantom 4
Feb 07 2013
Thanks. I overleveled and didn't get to complete all of the quests... Does anyone know if I missed any good items? I was finishing up the quests and got a smega, hair coupon, yeti mount, puffram, tele rock, quest deliverer, and tot's pupil medal, but I leveled to 62 in nett's pyramid and Tot's icon went away. I know I missed the chair (and medal I think?). Hopefully I'll be able to get the chair once my hair coupon expires.
Feb 07 2013
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