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TurtleBeast Level 135 Bera Aran 4
Okay so i decided to make a dual blade and such but when i logged on, I just appeared in a dark room and there was a little circle of light around my character and I seem to be stuck there and i cant log out or move or open any tabs in there.
Help please?
Posted: February 2013 Permalink


That's the new beginning for DB. Anyways, did you try playing in windows not full screen (Alt+enter) Did you freeze with any other characters before
Feb 08 2013
TurtleBeast Level 135 Bera Aran 4
um i play in windows mode and i kinda froze with my aran but it unfroze like about 10 seconds after
Feb 08 2013
Same here i couldnt move at all but other people said they had no problems.
Hope nexon fixes It @_@
Feb 08 2013

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