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Whats the deal with Hillas curse?

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What does it do exactly? Does it effect your drop rate? Everything time I Hilla I never seem to find any books for my Evan. As a matter of fact nothing good drops.
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reverexx2 Level 190 Kradia Phantom 4
I don't think Hilla's curse does anything. Perhaps it drops your damage but I haven't seen a significant difference.

You should always bring out a familiar that increases drop rate (big spider, Mutant Ribbon pig, even Mixed Stone Golem) to increase drop rate.

And of course, keep trying.
Feb 09 2013
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alexmjakway2 Level 210 Windia Evan 10th Growth
I think it does like 1500 damage to you whenever she heals, but I'm not sure. It seems to do it at least.
Feb 09 2013
GnaRcotics Level 174 Scania Kaiser 4
Hilla has terrible drops. Best thing i got was a MMB and that turned into some I/L skill...
Feb 09 2013
SoloCity74 Level 185 Scania Luminous 4
i hilla pretty often and i still have no idea what it does
Feb 09 2013
Does Hilla drop a good pocket item? someone told me it did but I wasn't gonna keep killing it if it wasnt a fact. anyone know?
Feb 09 2013
Yeah, i dont think many people know what it does. I have done solo runs with the curse and then tried a run where i dispelled the curse and did not notice any difference.
Feb 09 2013
alexmjakway2 Level 210 Windia Evan 10th Growth
@salfrey It's dropped by the Hard version of Hilla. Gives 3 all stats and (I think) 3 w/m att.
Feb 09 2013
epikdeath Level 200 Windia Cannoneer 4
@salfrey It's dropped by the Hard version of Hilla. Gives 3 all stats and (I think) 3 w/m att.[/quote]
I've gotten from normal hilla before
also, the mobs before hilla have dropped it for me once
tip: use 12x drop LOL
2x event + 2x drop card + 3x drop buff
i went on 2 normal hilla runs yesterday, like 10 necro weapons, almost every single book dropped, and pet box both runs on normal mode ^_^
Feb 09 2013
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