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Feb 13 13
Scania Blade Recruit
whenever i am trying to receive my "know how clear reward" i get a message with the admin saying "Request Failed. An unknown error has occurred." Has anybody gotten this yet also or am I the only one. Please help.
Feb 13 13
Khaini Marksman
i think this is happening only to dualblades. i have read many thread of DB's with this same error.
Feb 13 13
Scania Jett 3
That ^ it's glitched for DBs
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Feb 13 13
Bera Bishop
I got it on my Jett so.. DBs are not the only ones
Feb 15 13
Scania Blade Recruit
wow thats so crap they better fix it.
Feb 15 13
Broa Cannoneer 4
luvpkmn: I got it on my Jett so.. DBs are not the only ones

Nope, i completed the full thing on my jett.
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