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mathgeek147 Level 200 Broa Blade Recruit
Is the Max Inventory slot cash shop item (159k one) supposed to max the storage slots? Because, for the description on the site it says "Maximize ALL the slots in all inventory tabs and Storage at once!" But, when I bought it i realized that it didn't max storage slots. Anybody else try it and not get their storages expanded?
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ohh, nexoned..
Feb 14 2013
necron1636 Level 204 Bera F/P Arch Mage
159k nx? Way too much
I wish I had moneys like you
Feb 14 2013
sonnyhog1 Level 204 Scania Bishop
hopes this gets cleared up
Feb 14 2013
150k nx.........

OT: its supposed to expand storage if it says it. maybe its a glitch?
Feb 14 2013
It's only 59k ; he made a typo.[/quote]
The cost is 159k. The seperate ones cost about 40-50k nx
Feb 14 2013
Rationalism Level 200 Scania Evan 10th Growth
The description in the cs doesn't say it will max storage slots.
@PermaGypsy: it's 159k actually.
Feb 14 2013
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