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Best Profession for Money Making?

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Feb 15 13
Broa Luminous 4
In today's Maple economy, which profession is the most profitable? Or are the professions even profitable any more at all?
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Feb 15 13
Bera Bishop
Accessory if you're lucky.
Feb 15 13
Khaini Shadower
Herbology... People gotta eat. And you missed v day I made a killing selling boquets of flowers
Feb 15 13
Scania Night Lord
You need two prefessions to make good money $$$

Most when you make half earrings/ other things and it turns out to be crap., it is not worth it to just drop it. To make the best out of it you will use Alchemy to fuse them and hope for the best that you get a goo potential.

If you are only making one, then i would suggest either Alchemy or Jewelist. But the thing about ONLY having alchemy is that you need things to fuse and stuff so......

My experiences like 2-4days ago. Fused two thief shoes and got it to unique but sadly it was 2 lined but who cares >o< i can just add a line and cube it
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Feb 15 13
Bera Blade Master
AUniversityO Guild
Mining for wisdom crystals imo.
They're profitable still, I guess. I like Herablism because of the fusing, but just have mules of every profession.
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Feb 15 13
Windia Hero
professions died with the dinosaurs. was only usefull before everyone started hearing about it. made a killing crafting earrings.
but if you seriously did want to craft id probs do lvl 40 belts. hope for 6% stats.
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Feb 15 13*
Bellocan Hero
probably accessory crafter
however, if you're loaded you can go smithing and make empress capes (cost of materials is around ~1-1.2b, can sell for ~1.5-1.6b_
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Feb 16 13
KradiaGMS Bishop
All of them are profitable. However, u need 2 professions and lvl 10 on both for best results

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