respawn time Dodo

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does anybody knows how long that is ?
GekkeGerritLevel 136 Bera Bishop
Posted: February


After I eat a burrito dodo will spawn.

Serious Answer: I don't know.
SriLankanKenLevel 185 Windia Buccaneer
Feb 17 2013
just keep on cc'ing until you find one, it's much faster than waiting
Feb 17 2013
I never understood why a giant time whale was called a dodo when real Dodos are extinct flightless birds.
bannannaLevel 182 Scania Bow Master
Feb 17 2013
I found and killed him, thx all for your input. Its burrito time now.
GekkeGerritLevel 136 Bera Bishop
Feb 17 2013
the monsters in dojo spawn every 10 seconds. This is a guide.[/quote]

i almost misread it too but he asked about DODO spawn, not DOJO lol
OT: says 1 hour
David0696Level 212 Windia Hero
Feb 17 2013

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