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We should have a chatroom for this site

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HorrorsLove Level 123 Windia Jett 4
Who else agrees? It'd be so fast and helpful. I can imagine fun also when patches are happening.
Posted: February 2013 Permalink


PurplePenguins Level 74 Scania I/L Mage
Feb 18 2013
lmm616 Level 178 Bera Dark Knight
We had one around 2010. It was called Transformice.
Feb 18 2013
Deciduous Level 48 Khaini Battle Mage 2
it might not suck too bad
i could probably make a couple more friends from it
Feb 18 2013
fast and helpful hahahahaha
Feb 18 2013
There's an active basilmarket chat room on IRC's quakenet if I recall correctly.
Feb 18 2013
Boss Level 211 Windia Bow Master
We used to have one a while back, but I think there was a lot of trolling, spamming and chaos, so it was taken down.
The IRC as @Watermelon mentioned is used by a small number of people, but, quite frankly, it's just awful. I won't go into detail but there's a reason most Basilers don't use it besides a select few in a clique. Anyway, sometimes TlNYChat threads pop up, but these are apparently against the rules and the mods are forced to take em down, sigh sigh sigh. inb4 suspension for bypassing filter LOL
Feb 18 2013

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