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Feb 18 13
Obvious he isn't the one who is to be blamed for you being banned. Or not being unbanned.

The fact of the matter is you ethier leeched from hackers, or you did the level 200 glitch. You can send as many msgs as you want to him. He can read it while he is watching the footage of you leeching. Or the records of your level 200 beginner that was made 2 days ago LOL.

Come on guys, grow up.

(you don't have to read this part just making it easier for the kids)
If you steal something worth more then 300 dollars from a store. Then you get sentenced to 30 days in jail. Are you REALLY going to blame the prison guard because he said the exact same thing to last guy who ask him to let him out of jail?
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Feb 19 13
Scania Dark Knight
oGucci: Isn't he the GM giving out smegas?

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Feb 19 13
aiaku: Wat. Your percentages don't make any sense. 100% of tickets get copy paste responses?

The point is, Nexon sucks at answering tickets.
Feb 19 13
Windia Bow Master
Was "caugh" supposed to be cough in one of your posts?
Feb 19 13
aiaku: I'm pretty sure the people who deserve copy-paste responses get them, and if I am of the 3% who don't and I still get copy-paste responses and I know my friends receive the same I can conclude, according to your statistics, that the amount of tickets that receive actual responses is near 0%.
Feb 19 13
Scania Corsair
Justaway Guild
I didn't get banned. So you guys deserve it.
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Feb 19 13
Scania Luminous 4
I agree. There is nothing wrong with skelorm
Feb 19 13
KradiaGMS Beginner
hello there
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