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Can i get banned for this name

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Saepan Level 200 Broa Battle Mage 4

Edit:: ^^^^^^ that's the name i was gonna use. Will they name change me? Or is this name safe to use?
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IliekAranDx Level 208 Scania Kaiser 4
I have the ign BustSize
Feb 19 2013
CherryTigers Level 212 Windia Phantom 4 Boundless Guild
The only ban I ever heard of concerning IGN's was the ign "Breasts."

I don't actually know what happened but I heard they just changed Breasts's name to something really corny and blocked anyone else from getting the ign.
Feb 19 2013
games500 Level 148 Windia Wind Archer 4
my phantom's ign is IMADOUCH3
Feb 19 2013
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