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PaysafeCard problems, questions

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I have recently bought a paysafecard(about half an hour ago) in the netherlands(Europe)
So when I got home I tried to redeem it via the cash shop. But when I entered the PIN code and clicked pay, it said this:
The PIN entered is not valid for payment at this trader (card type 00056). Please check which trader this PIN is to be used. More information is available on the card or go to

Can somebody please help me with this?
IkarasvWhalesco - Level 142
Posted: February


I did that. It was already in Dutch and I tried putting it in another language.
IkarasvWhalesco - Level 142
Feb 19 2013
I made an tutorial for my friend (from the Netherlands too) the other day I hope it help you out.
misterMXenon1010 - Level 220
Feb 19 2013
THANK you sooo much
It worked
I seriously wouldn't have figured it out without you
IkarasvWhalesco - Level 142
Feb 19 2013

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