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Feb 23 13
Khaini Blade Master
Who is better? I'm looking to play either my level 104 luminous or level 110 kaiser. I'm not going to take my time to fund them because I promised I'll never buy nx again, so I'm just looking for which one is stronger at mobbing with low funds. I'm not going to boss much, so I just want the better mobber. Thanks

Edit: I don't kow why this was posted in the kaiser section. I put it in general maplestory, but for some reason it was put in the kaiser
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Feb 23 13
Khaini Hero
you posted in the kaiser section what are you expecting?
MapleStory Screen: Khaini mesodizer robot with chairs
Feb 24 13
Bera Kaiser 4
Mobbing without funding? That would have to go to luminous.
Feb 26 13
Khaini Kaiser 4
For mobbing luminous
For bossing kaiser

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