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Bosser Level 175 Broa Dark Knight
Which class in maplestory is considered pretty much an underdog class and is rarely seen/played?

Example : Bishop? Marksman?

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AkGold Level 178 Scania Shadower
Your class
Feb 25 2013
milkocha Level 207 Windia Battle Mage 4
F/P for sure.
Feb 25 2013
Dsfan33224 Level 154 Broa Luminous 4
FP mage?
Feb 25 2013
bluebomber24 Level 206 Windia Bow Master
Honestly, I rarely see mechs.
Feb 25 2013
hyhfct Level 223 Galicia Bishop
Feb 25 2013
Hellksing Level 73 Scania White Knight
Honestly, I rarely see mechs.[/quote]

Well hello there.
Feb 25 2013
Rimkii Level 206 Bera Marksman
I never see Nightlords hardly anymore and bowmasters seemed to die off as well. Lately i've been seeing lots of drks running around which is a bit odd, but i do see a paladin on ocassion.

EDIT: I've even seen more mechs in the last week than these two ^ o_O
Feb 25 2013
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